Kristin McFarland

I have owned and operated Maui Surf Clinics for the past 16 years. I guess you could say my passion in life is creating a place (and space) for people to experience their potential, a place that is all about letting go and achieving goals. I have the most rewarding job I could possibly imagine. My days are filled with smiling faces, fears overcome, tears and laughter, and the ultimate stoke. Education is a big part of this process, teaching clients about the ocean, Hawaiian history and sustainability are part of my daily routine.

Surf Maui Retreats are all about sharing passion and uplifting each other, supporting one another and having fun in the process. This is something Justin and Kat (the other retreat team members) and I have done for each other and now we want to share that experience. The team of surf instructors coaching our retreat clients have worked with me for years, they coach all levels, have years of experience, they are true watermen.


Justin Newman

I have lived on Maui for almost 20yrs. Favorite things to do are surfing, ice baths, jumping waterfalls, cooking for friends, good music, casamigos mezcal, self healing, essential oils & foreword thinking humans!

Living on Maui and being a surfer you’d always hear legendary stories about Laird Over the coconut wireless. (Hawaiian cellphone)

Not being able to train hard due to back injuries I was always searching for something. XPT seem to have it all. Low impact in the pool, breathe work for meditation & recovery methods. Everything I needed!

After doing the XPT experience in kuaui I was hooked. I was so shocked at how my broken body responded to the workouts in the recovery program. When I returned home to Maui I bought a sauna , Ice bath,(freezer) & immediately started using the tools daily. Next thing you know the neighbors are coming over surfer buddies ,friends with injuries. People were looking at me to help them since they had seen how Xpt helped me.

The ice and breath work alone have allowed me to be able to heal myself. Using the power of the ice helped Heal what was a snowboard accident from 20 yrs earlier.

Using the breath work to be able to sit in the Ice at first but now has become a daily practice & something I can’t Live without!

My favorite activity is ice baths for sure. The look on peoples faces when they get in ice is priceless.

When the first response of flight comes & then the look when they internally say to themselves “shit I can do this”.

The joy of walking them threw the process is very rewarding.

My advise is if your interested. Do it it , it will change your life.

one breathe, Ammo box , ice bath at a time!

The misconception is that to be in Xpt you need to be a athlete. This is Just not true.

It’s not just for just athletes & trainers.
XPT is just about being a better version of yourself. It’s about collective energy and helping heal
— Justin Newman

Kat Achimoff

Originally from New Caledonia, a small island in the south pacific , I moved to Maui in 2002 and fell in love with the beauty of Maui and the Hawaiian culture . I am lucky to call this place home now . I have managed Maui Surf Clinics for over 9 years. I am also a certified Sup guide/tour guide and am passionate about reef conservation and Hawaiian history . I designed a Eco cultural tour where my guests get to learn more about the history and culture of Maui but also about our reef formation and marine life, all that while having fun paddling .


Chef Jessica Qsar